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Logic Of Liberty is a podcast rooted in the liberty movement and dedicated to raising awareness of current as well as timeless issues threatening the freedom of sovereign individuals. We will be covering a range of different topics, from recent political happenings to history lessons to pop culture critiques. Please give us a listen and if you like what you hear, subscribe. Positive ratings and comments on iTunes are also appreciated.
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February 6, 2014: Tune in Sunday for a LOL special episode featuring an interview with the liberty-flavored artist Professor Redbear!

January 25, 2014: On Sunday we will continue our series on nullification with some interesting insight on jury nullification. Be sure to listen!

January 20, 2014: Be sure to check out the FREE Professor Redbear music on our Links page!

January 18, 2014: If you haven't checked out the newest episode where we discuss the sensitive topic of abortion, make sure you do so. On Tuesday we will be covering the varying aspects of nullification and its relationship to liberty.

October 23, 2013: Logic Of Liberty now featured on ScatterRadio!!/LogicofLiberty0/soundbytes

October 20, 2013: Tune in on Halloween for a very special Halloween episode.

September 4, 2013: We're up on iTunes! Subscribe now!

September 2, 2013: First episode is up on Wordpress and is "under review" at iTunes. Also, as a bonus, we have posted one of the pilots we recorded last week. The audio is poor, so bear with us if you listen. We will let you know when it hits iTunes.

August 10, 2013: The site is up! We are currently working on technical issues and should have a pilot finished soon. STAY TUNED!

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